Welcome to the Bangalore Astronomical Society. We are a group of volunteers working for the promotion of astronomy as a hobby as well as a science in and around Bangalore, India.

What we do

Check out this presentation to learn more about BAS activities and what our members do.

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We do not have formal memberships. Our primary channels of communication are our chatroom and Google Groups. All are welcome to join them.

The chat groups are very active! They can be accessed from Telegram, Matrix and Discord, but for the best experience, join via Telegram. You do not have to be in Bangalore, or even in India to join. Feel free to post your questions about the universe, astronomy, telescopes, star-gazing, observing, astrophotography etc. in either group.

Watch out for event announcements pinned on the Telegram group and posted to the Google group.

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Astronomy Webinars!

BAS conducted many webinars to enable people to make productive use of times during COVID-19 lockdowns. The webinars have been recorded and posted on our YouTube channel.

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Some video recordings are featured below.

If you are interested in attending these sessions live, check our Google Group for notifications and details on how to join! They are free and no registration is necessary.

Observing programs

BAS has announced a certificate program for visual observers. Observe 55 of the Messier objects to earn a certificate! This is to be treated as a motivational thing and a way to encourage logging of observations, rather than focusing on the certificate.

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You may download logbooks designed specifically for BAS certifications for free. There are also Logbooks for other catalogs and projects. See the Logbook project for more details. Choose the A4 size to get the logbooks designed for BAS.

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Call for volunteers

BAS needs your help to grow! We are always looking for volunteers to help with various activities.

If you wish to volunteer, please indicate your interest on the Telegram group and an admin will help you out.

Know Your Stars: An introduction to the night sky for newbie amateur astronomers.

Simple Experiments that Tell a Lot: Experiments in Physics and Astronomy that had massive contributions to our understanding of the universe.

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Star trails around the north pole as seen behind Pumori mountain (7161m) from Gorakshep, Nepal (5164m).
Copyright © 2020 Keerthi Kiran.

Sightseeing after a star party in Hampi, ca. 2008.
Copyright © 2008 Naveen Nanjundappa.

Reflection nebula M78, and Barnard's Loop (emission nebula). Shot from Koratagere and Coorg
Copyright © 2014 Subhankar Saha.

Public viewing of the Venus Transit of 2012
Copyright © 2012 Keerthi Kiran.

Glowing hydrogen gas in the Seagull Nebula, shot from Bangalore.
Copyright © 2020 Vishwanath S K.

Ronchi test of a SkyWatcher 8" f/4 mirror.
Copyright © 2020 Keerthi Kiran.

The winter Milky Way, shot from Talakaveri, Coorg.
Copyright © 2020 Udayan Pandharipande.

Star party at Coorg in February 2020.
Copyright © 2020 Subhankar Saha.

Helix nebula in HOO palette (shows emissions from Hydrogen and Oxygen gas).
Copyright © 2020 Prabhakaran S. Kutti.

Last updated: January 2021